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How We Train Players

In our view How We Train Playersthere must be equal respect between coach and player.  We teach and educate players to respect our coaches and our coaches to respect players in the same way.  We are against the idea that deference should come solely from a player and that a coach is able to order a player without showing any respect.

Before we are able to regard someone as a player we show him/her that he/she is a person to be respected regardless of age, gender or ability.

We aim to teach players the correct behaviour required both on and off court so that they are able to show a respectful attitude to coaches and other Club members.

We train each player in the proper basic skills, providing him/her with a firm foundation upon which to develop his/her full potential.

We use various methods of teaching for players of differing ages and ability.  We are of the opinion that each person is unique and therefore develops in a unique way.

In addition we educate players in how to partake in team/group training.  Badminton is not a solo sport and has to be played with others, therefore a player must learn how to interact with his/her partner and how to put others first.  We believe that respecting others and actively and positively co-operating with other team members are essential qualities in a player. By doing this, we hope to help that person to not only become a successful badminton player, but also integrate more successfully in society.

We introduce match play to newcomers as soon as possible, showing them how to effectively participate in matches and put into practice what they have already learned. Hopefully, as a result they will be able to experience the real enjoyment of badminton, and at the same time improve their skills.

In conclusion, our program may not be optimal for those who are unable to show respect to a coach or someone in authority, or indeed, to another player, or who are not committed to putting a wholehearted effort into improving their skills, then this probably will not be for them.  We teach our players with PRIDE and therefore expect them to respond with a positive effort in order to maximize their abilities and attain the highest possible performance.