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Respect Your Opponent

We view respect as one of the most important qualities a player must possess in order to be a good person and to be a good player. We see badminton training as an excellent tool for a person to finally become a good person in his life. In order to become a good badminton player, the player must first have the qualities of good person. We strongly believe that the player who has the quality of respecting his opponent has a much greater potential to become a better player than the player who has no such qualities. Respect must come from the bottom of a player’s heart. It is like a concrete foundation before a house has to be built on it. Without such a foundation no house can be built; without a respectful attitude, no one can become a skilled player.

Respecting your opponent does not mean that a player should play soft and give more points to a weaker opponent. Rather it means that a player will play his very best against his opponent because he respects his opponent. Not playing his best or not playing sincerely and easily giving up shows that the player has no respect to his opponent. The player who has respect will fight to the last point against stronger players and still play sincerely against weaker players.

We see that the respect in badminton is same as love in normal life. Love comes first before everything else in life. Some people may become rich without having love in their heart: these people may have more money, but there will be a large hole in some part of their heart and their life will be very dry. It is better to live life with a warm loving mind than becoming a money-making-machine kind of person. It is same in badminton: it is better to be a player with a respectful mindset than becoming a shuttlecock-hitting-machine kind of player.

What we learn while playing badminton and training to be a better badminton player, apply just as much in life and helps one become a better person in one’s life. This is what we believe in.