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Compete Honestly

We believe that it is 100 times better to lose a match in a clean way rather than win dirty.

Many small competitions run without linesmen or umpires, so it is up to the players to make decisions on their line calls, scores and other issues during a match. However, we are seeing an increasing number of players who do not make true line calls, and do not demonstrate fair behavior to his opponent.

We believe that a player should make line calls in favor of his opponent in a situation where the shuttlecock lands near the line, and whether it was in or out is indeterminate (50/50 chance of each possibility). This way, his success will be 100% clean, and deep in his mind nothing will be bothering him after he won the match.

We often see players who give embarrassing excuses for losing a match after facing defeat. We believe that if a player lost a match, all he has to say is “Well played, congratulations” to his opponent.

Daisaku Ikeda (Buddhist philosopher, peace builder, educator, author and poet) once said, “A person’s true nature is revealed at times of the greatest adversity.” The behavior of a player when he lost a match truly shows who he really is.

In our club, the “Greatest Player” will always be the one who plays with respect, constantly pushes himself beyond his limit, and always chooses to lose clean rather than win dirty.