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Challenge Your Limits

There are three kinds of limits which players face while taking their badminton skills to a higher level.

  • Limit in their self belief to achieve a goal
  • Limit in their physical ability
  • Limit in their emotional control ability

If a player does not believe that he can defeat better players then he will never be able to defeat them regardless of the capabilities of his coach, how much time he spends training and how much support her receives. Even if he has everything, he will never be a better player if he does not believe in himself (Self Belief). On the other hand a player who has nothing but has unlimited self belief will be able to achieve his goals.

No one is born with a strong, fit body. To become faster, stronger and fitter, a player must be happy to take painful training in order to develop and extend his body limit. Unless a player takes regular training which goes beyond his physical limit, he will never be able to move to a higher level of playing.

There are many players who cannot face the pressure of competition, and as a result run away from it and play to lose. Sometimes, a player may become upset at their own mistakes, often leading to anger, disappointment, and emotional turmoil. However, this only increases the chances for the player to make even more errors and completely ruin their match. If a player cannot control his emotions then he has no chance to control his opponent and win a match.

Most importantly, we believe that the player who has been trained to break and go beyond his above three limits in badminton court in order to become a better player will be able to apply what he has learned to his normal life and will be able to achieve his life goals.

Coach Lee’s Message: